Donor Coordination Platform for Ukraine

Прапор України майорить на зруйнованій будівлі в місті, символ надії та наполегливості

The Russian Federation’s invasion of Ukraine, which began February 24, 2022, has caused significant civilian casualties and damage to infrastructure and productive assets, and has taken a severe human, social, and economic toll. The second Rapid Damage and Needs Assessment (RDNA2), jointly developed by the World Bank Group, the Government of Ukraine, the European Commission, and the United Nations, provides a comprehensive evaluation of the impacts of the war across twenty different sectors and it also includes the amounts needed for recovery and reconstruction. In 2023 alone, the RDNA2 estimates Ukraine will need USD 14 billion for critical and priority reconstruction and recovery investments covering energy, humanitarian demining, housing, critical and social infrastructure and the private sector.

The Multi-agency Donor Coordination Platform for Ukraine coordinates the support for these immediate financing needs of Ukraine and future economic recovery and reconstruction needs across different sources and established instruments for financing. Its goal is also to direct resources in a coherent, transparent, and inclusive manner, enabling efficient planning and delivery of assistance to Ukraine and avoiding duplication.

In particular, on the medium-term, the Platform will work closely with Ukrainian authorities to define, prioritise, and sequence strategic needs within the recovery process. It will coordinate economic assistance in line with Ukraine’s reform ambitions, in line with the conditions for financing and structural support of the major donors, and in line with its European path. In this regard, it will coordinate international efforts to support a sustainable, resilient, inclusive, and green economic recovery which enhances strong democratic institutions, rule of law, and anti-corruption measures.

The Platform was launched on the 26th of January 2023, with its inaugural Steering Committee meeting. It brings together high-level officials from Ukraine, the EU, G7 countries, as well as partners from international financial institutions.

The Platform is supported by a Secretariat, which is in a Brussels office hosted by the European Commission, and in a Kyiv office hosted by the Government of Ukraine.

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