Support for private sector

Members of the Multi-agency Donor Coordination Platform for Ukraine and EU Member States provide a number of programs and assistance to reduce risk for businesses and advance the private sector’s role in Ukraine’s recovery and reconstruction:

  •  - Guarantees when the guarantor covers an agreed amount of a loan if non-payment occurs. Bilateral and multilateral development agencies use them to reduce an investor’s exposure and risk, thereby increasing capital flowing into Ukraine.
  •  - Risk Insurance provides coverage to investors and businesses against various risks, including adverse government actions, war, and sovereign payment defaults.
  •  - Export credit can take the form of direct financing support, such as direct credits to foreign buyers, refinancing or interest-rate support to enable the necessary financing of a transaction; or cover support, such as export credits insurance or guarantee cover to protect exporters against bad debts due to economic or political reasons.

For further information, please consult the overview of the donors’ support to the private sector.

Actions - From left to right - the reconstruction of a high-rise building and the flag of Ukraine, which is held in the hand